BlackBird's Bullets #20: Chapter 5; $500M mistake; Goldman bankers; NFTs; Tina Maze.

BlackBird's Bullets #20: Chapter 5; $500M mistake; Goldman bankers; NFTs; Tina Maze.

And, we've reached #20 of this version of my newsletter. That's the number I initially committed to, expecting that I'll be back in my regular road warrior routine by April 2021. —Hahaha, what an idiot!

In some ways, we haven't moved anywhere since April 2020. But I choose to look at the bright side: I spent a ton of time with the Family, learned new ways of collaborating and engaging with people, found out that I can stay at home for more than two weeks at a time, wrote a book, started writing the second one, and —yes— published a total of forty newsletters.  Those are some of the things I'm super grateful for, and I have an even longer list on the professional side.

I have zero tolerance for whining, often asking complainers to look at others who aren't nearly as fortunate as we are. If you're reading these lines, the chances are, that you have zero objective reasons to complain. Your life is great. So enjoy it!

And enjoy #20 of BlackBird's Bullets. I'm still on the fence about what to bring with the 21st, so stay tuned. Rename, update, refresh, redesign, anything could happen.
Change means progress. #growthmindset

Title photo: it's been a while since the last sailing in Kornati, Croatia. This photo is from back in 2015. If I remember well, it was too calm for sailing, so we had to cancel the regatta that day, but the photo ops were amazing.  

See you next week.
Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish.
Peter K.


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