The Elements of Lifestyle – Find your Enough

The Elements of Lifestyle Nov 5, 2020

My 1st book is finally out! Three hundred years in the making, I've met my deadline: publish it before turning 40! All it took was one global pandemic and waking up to write at 0530 every day.

It's available on Amazon as Kindle eBook and paperback edition now.

The Elements of Lifestyle: Find Your Enough: Kos, Peter: 9798555319616: Books
The Elements of Lifestyle: Find Your Enough [Kos, Peter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Elements of Lifestyle: Find Your Enough

The Elements of Lifestyle is a story on living a joyous life by:

  • applying intentional life design
  • following the path of kaizen — small, incremental improvements
  • and finding your enough.

Many popular turnaround stories start with hitting bottom — addiction, heart attack, a health scare, loss of something. But The Elements of Lifestyle is a story of taking control without — or before — a complete derailment. It’s a story of personal compound interest, about small things adding up.

Life isn’t made of the significant milestones; it’s made of all the days and weeks in between.

I believe that the secret to experiencing a joyous life is in finding your enough — that middle path between excess and scarcity. You have to journey through your personal walkabout to pursue your enough. The path might be challenging, but it’s worth it — and it’s going to be fun.

Because one day you wake up and you’re forty, sixty, or whatever, and you look in the mirror, and you have to look yourself in the eyes. And then you’ll gaze in the rearview mirror and wonder. —It is up to you if you’ll wonder of joy or wonder what the fuck happened to me. It all starts today.

Get your copy of The Elements of Lifestyle now.

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The Elements of Lifestyle
The Elements of Lifestyle. 41 likes. I met my deadline to publish my first book before turning 40. Now I’m not only a (hobby) writer but also an author. This is my book -- The Elements of Lifestyle /...


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