BlackBird's Bullets #30

Home office setup ideas; Life Design Worksheet; 15 steps for great Zoom calls; Zoom survival hints; 10 WFH time management tips.

BlackBird's Bullets #30

Title photo: I'm immensely grateful for living in wonderful Ljubljana. I never get tired of its beauty — and the photographic eye appreciates it being so photogenic. I hope you appreciate your home town just as much!  

Publishing issue #30 is a tiny bit similar to entering into the 30th year — it makes you reconsider your choices.
When I launched this newsletter, I named it BlackBird's Bullets since I couldn't put anything smarter together by combining my last name (kos is Slovenian for blackbird) and the newsletter format: five bullet points of content.

As I've been hearing back from many of you who keep subscribing, none of this is clear, so I'm getting questions like "WTF blackbird?" and "What's the connection with the firearms/bullets?". So, that's obviously a failure on my end.

After a lot of reading about the whole newsletter industry, I learned it's best to keep it simple (and stupid) by naming what the newsletter is actually all about. Now, that's easy if you're writing about finance, IT, or something specific. But my newsletter is a medley of my creations combined with interesting stuff I'm reading/listening/watching.

I'm not too fond of the word medley, and I'd hate to call it a salad, so I'm leaning to simply calling it: Five Points or Five Interesting Points. #fivepoints #5points. —Khm, it even makes a nice hashtag.
I sure hope this is the biggest problem I have to solve now ;-)

  • 🏡 Home office setup ideas & checklist is a clear leader in the era of setting up our WFH environments. My current setup is still the same, even though I changed the location. But I'll be adding new stuff soon (on my list: standing desk, fixed Camo set up with my daughter's old iPhone).  
  • 🧬 Life Design Worksheet was another very popular post. I'd love to hear more about how you have implemented it. This stuff is going to be part of my 2nd book too.
  • 📽 15 steps for great Zoom calls was well received, and I even ran a couple of remote sessions on it.  
  • 🖖 And surviving Zoom calls was lots of fun. 365+ days of not being caught naked and counting 🤣  
  • ⏳ Working from home or living at work? My 10 WFH time management tips.
    How about this Forbes article mentioning that Americans working from home are having sex, dating, taking naps ... on company time.

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