BlackBird’s Bullets #19: Chapter 4; Sitting is the new smoking; Jeff Bezos; Waze; pool offices.

BlackBird’s Bullets #19: Chapter 4; Sitting is the new smoking; Jeff Bezos; Waze; pool offices.

Welcome to the 19/20 editions of the BlackBird's Bullets weekly newsletter. I published the first one on November 15th, 2020, and so much has happened nothing much has changed since then. #WFH, travel restrictions, curfew, ... but let's focus on what's within our control.

For me, it's writing and publishing. I'm proud to have published 20 editions of the first newsletter, .lebenslanges Lernen,  as my first stab of Substack between April and August 2020. ‌‌BlackBird's Bullets is my second chapter of newsletters, and it's going to be moving on after the next (20th) edition. Stay tuned.

Title Photo: Venezia, Italy. I believe I shot this with Canon 6D, my last DSLR camera. Then I discovered Sony mirrorless cameras which made DSLRs dated and obsolete. Finally, I realized that the best camera is the one that's always with you.

This week's five bullets:

  • 📝 Chapter 4: Develop your signature style (toolkit). The fourth raw draft chapter of my upcoming book. Getting the bad writing out is an important part of the writing process. It helps distill good writing. So I'm churning out these crappy drafts to have something to work on in the second – editing – phase. It's a process, and it’s a practice. ‌‌This time I also added a simple OKR template file you might find useful.
  • 🪑 Sitting is the new smoking? At NetApp, we gave our EMEA Channel Teams Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness trackers, and every second week we engage in fun walking challenges (channelges, as we refer to them). It helps us all move more, and we feel more connected. But most of all, it inspired us to engage in more walking meetings, and I'd say it's super beneficial for the most sedentary folks.
  • 🎙 2018 interview with Jeff Bezos. Still interesting to listen to.
  • 👩🏻‍⚖️ Waze founder on why he left Google. "We start companies to build products that serve people, not to sit in meetings with lawyers."
  • 🎬 Rethinking the future of work. ;-)

See you next week.
‌‌Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish. ‌‌
Peter K.

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