BlackBird's Bullets #9: from Goodreads giveaway and bullshit jobs to a thousand-year business.

BlackBird's Bullets #9: from Goodreads giveaway and bullshit jobs to a thousand-year business.

Welcome to 2021!
This week you’ll notice how Happy-New-Year is replacing the Hope-you’re-doing-well as the mainstream e-mail introduction.

I’m not sure what’s the cutoff for the happy-new-year wishes, but I’m hoping it’s at the end of this week.

According to research, most of the new year’s resolutions tend to wear off before the end of the second week of January. That’s why will only publish my annual goal-setting guide at the end of this week. My policy is, there’s no need to wait for January or New Year —  we can start any day, and I prefer Mondays. —This gives us fifty-two opportunities per year to become better humans. Try new things, see what works, discard what doesn’t.

Set goals for what you can influence, and be hopeful for what you can’t. My hopes are with the vaccine, renewed global optimism, reopening of the economies, and lifting the travel restrictions. This gypsy needs to get back on the road.

Here are this week’s BlackBird’s bullets:

"The power broker in your life is the voice that no one hears. How well you revisit the tone and content of your private voice is what determines the quality of your life. It is the master storyteller, and the stories we tell ourselves are our reality."
— Dr. Jim Loehr  

I sent this quote to my daughter, and she digs it (are today’s teenagers still using this expression?) —  and I can attest that it’s true. Most of the techniques that dr. Loehr mentions helped me achieve my goals.

  • As an author who published the 1st book merely ten days before turning forty, I fully agree with the notion that it's never too late to "become" yourself.
    “Unless your job requires repetitive, routine tasks, being a specialist isn’t an asset. Having a wide range of skills and experiences is more beneficial because it allows you to be nimble and creative.”
  • Business crisis survival lessons from a thousand years old Japanese shop.

I wish you to be nimble and creative in 2021 by Staying Hungry; Staying Foolish.
Peter K.

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