BlackBird's Bullets #17: CV rant, big ideas, #WFH, and minimalism

BlackBird's Bullets #17: CV rant, big ideas, #WFH, and minimalism

These days we're all traveling the only place we can travel — through the On-This-Day photos our phones show us. Let me join the journey by remembering my last trip before the world came to a halt: that was a flight to Warsaw, Poland, in the first days of March 2020. There were COVID warnings on the airports, but — except for Asian tourists — nobody wore masks.

We were still about to hold a large NetApp customer event in Belgrade, Serbia, in the middle of March. Nobody dreamt what was about to happen in the next couple of weeks.

By the end of March, we all learned to work remotely, home-school our kids, sing on the balcony, and bake bread. #WFH and digital-first accelerated. We seriously believed it was all going to go away by April. May latest.

Being criminally optimistic, I found joy in the newfound reality. With all the flights grounded, I spent more time with my family than in the last dozen years. We had lunch together every day. Wished each other good morning and kissed goodnight. Took daily walks, shared jokes and laughs, and — yes, argued.

At work, we accelerated the adoption of the modern collaboration tools, developed our Zoom culture, and learned to appreciate the blessings working in the tech sector bestowed upon us.

I woke up reminding myself every day of all those blessings — and after finally publishing my first book, I can safely say that 2020 was the best year ever. That doesn't mean I'd like 2021 to be the same, but I learned to find my enough in whatever life throws at me.

Title photo: Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science, a highly controversial building, it's a reminder of the Soviet oppression of the Poles, and there are suggestions to demolish it. Still, it's a major landmark in Warsaw, and I always enjoyed its view from the nearby InterContinental Warsaw hotel.

This week's bullet points:

CV: how to construct a great resume. Single page.
I’ve seen, read, designed, discarded, and sent hundreds of CVs. It’s amazing howsuch a basic document is still a mystery. There are whole businesses builtaround helping people produce their CVs. Think DifferentHow about starting by thinking about a CV differently? I got this idea during myfirst…
How Many Microcovids Would You Spend on a Burrito?
Six nerdy roommates used public health data to create an online Covid-risk points system for every activity—and protect their pandemic pod.
2021 State of Remote Work
See data and read insights from one of the largest remote work reports by Buffer with responses from 2,300 remote workers around the world.
  • 🎙 I'm big on minimalism (yes, pun intended). If you also wonder how your life could be better with less, how less is more (now), and have fewer distractions, then listen to Rich Roll talking to The Minimalists.
‎The Rich Roll Podcast: The Minimalists: Less Is Now on Apple Podcasts
How might your life be better with less?Not so many years ago, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus were mired in the corporate grind, banking six-figure salaries in pursuit of the American Dream. Expiating for the satisfaction their careers failed to provide, they did what most humans would:…

‌‌See you next week.
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.
Peter K.

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