Going plant-based: A simple way to improve your life and the world

.wellbeing Dec 28, 2020

Change is a process.

Change starts with taking responsibility. Going beyond the stage of denial, when we gather the courage and the strength to say —  I’m responsible. The purpose is not to admit the guilt but to take control. Once we accept responsibility, we’re also saying that we can influence the outcome —  thus assuming control.

Going plant-based

When it comes to our health, animal welfare, and the environment, scientists have proven beyond any doubt that humankind is consuming too much meat and that it’s not sustainable to continue like this.

But I blame the vegan activists for not having more plant-based people in this world. You see, by being too pissed off, too militaristic, they have painted this image of every plant-based person being a farmer-molesting animal rights activist hippie. Very few people want to be associated with that crowd.

It’s time for the vegan activists to focus their energy in a different direction, playing on everyone’s selfish tunes —  being worried only about our own asses.

It’s time for the health aspects of the plant-based diet to take the central state. Forget about the animals; focus on humans. Once plant-based living becomes mainstream, the positive side effects for the animals and the planet will be amazing. You’ll get to the goal by using more effective sales/marketing tactics —  and possibly faster.

My herbivore path

I’ve written about my plant-based experience in my book. Habit change is not easy, and only a few years ago, it was still quite socially unacceptable to be a plant-based businessman. Fortunately, the world has changed, and more and more plant-based options are available everywhere, so it’s become much more practical. I don’t like to label myself as a vegan for the reasons described above, but I will say that I strive to be a plant-based lifestyle athlete.

Not a saint, just 85%-perfect.

How I started

My plant-based path started by experimenting with vegetarianism. I did one of those vegetarian-for-lent challenges and noticed the positive changes after 7-10 days in. I did them a couple of times and in various flavors: lacto-ovo, pescetarian, … until my first fully vegan week. Seven days was all the courage I managed to commit to, and it immediately felt so next-level. I felt lighter, energized, clear-minded. The positive side-effects were overwhelming, so I decided to stop calling it a challenge and just go all in.

I don’t have a date jotted-down, so I can’t say how many years it has been. I’m far from perfect and occasionally consume fish and seafood or eat other animal-based/derived products. But altogether, I’d say that’s less than 5% of my annual food consumption.


Plant-based meant becoming a better runner, clear-headed thinker, more powerful gym-goer, energetic businessman, and a better human being.

While I haven’t made it my mission to persuade anyone else, I don’t mind sharing my journey, experience, and the benefits I find in eating a plant-based diet. On the other hand, I have zero reservations about telling people how stupid their carnivore-diet-justifications really are. My mind is of a koala with a tolerance of an alligator.

Just a hint: if you’re planning to debate the health benefits of a plant-based diet, don’t embarrass yourself with the where-do-you-get-your-protein argument. We’re way past that stage.

Vegan 2020

Annual Vegan movies are evolving too. Their messages keep getting more optimistic and positive as more and more people go plant-based, and we get better choices. While coronavirus is the red herring (pun intended) of the 2020 version, it’s still an upbeat documentary. Watch it with your loved ones and consider making small changes to benefit yourself first, then impact the animals and the environment as well.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or seek practical help in going plant-based – touch base via direct messages on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


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