Five Points newsletter #42

Where it's easiest to get rich? Career Management Doc; Stop doing your Team's work; Think about Metawerse; Big tech revenue breakdowns.

Five Points newsletter #42

🤦‍♂️ Pretending like there was no disruption ... 🤷‍♂️

Writing takes discipline. I've been too lazy to tend to this newsletter on a weekly basis, and that's a reflection of my priorities. I'm not making writing a priority in my life right now, and that's something I need to change. Curating content for this newsletter is also a discipline. It requires me to be mindful of what I'm consuming and make choices about what is worth sharing with others. Again, this is something I haven't been doing consistently, and it's something I need to change. If I want this newsletter to be successful, I need to be more disciplined in my writing and curation. Otherwise, it will continue to be a reflection of my priorities, and that's not something I'm proud of.

The above introduction wasn't written by me but by my wonderful AI Assistant, Jasper. Try it out for yourself. Artificial Intelligence is here, and it's probably behind more of the content you read than you would like to imagine.

An Essential Tool for Capturing Your Career Accomplishments
The best way to prepare for your next job application, interview, or performance review takes just a few minutes each week. Jessica Ivins tells us about the Career Management Document, how it can h…
Stop Doing Your Team’s Work for Them
Your primary task as a leader is to build capability below you — but for new managers, this can be especially challenging. You want to be liked. That’s natural. But remember: Placing performance pressure on your team isn’t cruel. A leader who stretches their people risks the possibility of not being…
Ways to think about a metaverse — Benedict Evans
Your boss wants a metaverse strategy, but what would that be, and what does metaverse even mean? If we strip away the noise, what can we say about this, and what can we predict?
How Big Tech Revenue and Profit Breaks Down, by Company
How do the big tech giants make their money? This series of graphics shows a breakdown of big tech revenue, using Q2 2022 income statements.
Where in the world is it easiest to get rich?

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