Five Points newsletter #41

100 ways to live to 100 and contrast that with Eating, drinking, and smoking like Winston Churchill.

Five Points newsletter #41
Houses of Parliament, London, UK.

I was on a #FatherDaughter trip in London, England, last week. Travel to the UK is still somewhat complicated, with even the vaccinated folks needing to book and take a covid test within two days after arrival. But the trip was enjoyable, and we had tons of luck with the weather as well — it was mostly sunny and quite warm for this time of the year.

Only Fools and Horses

I was happy for a chance to practice my Del's lingo. #cushty

This week's #FivePoints:

Inequality rant — I’m tired of losing people.
Karoshi vs. Great Resignation; unpaid heating bills vs. $36B in a day. Zoom fatigue and suicide.
😬 A personal rant of mine. I do write a ton of these but rarely publish them (trying to change that!). Wondering how long this current environment is sustainable. Where is the Western worlds' enough?
Top 5 podcasts for personal growth & development
Here’s my selection of the best podcasts to listen to for personal growth and development: Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Rich Roll, James Altucher, and Ryan Hawk.
💡 is my longest-owned domain name, and I never really figured out what exactly to do with it. I'm considering slowly transitioning the newsletter and growth mindset learning activities there, leaving this site solely for my own creations. Stay tuned.
100 Ways to Live to 100: A Definitive Guide to Longevity Fitness
Coastal living, board games, not eating hot dogs. It’s all in here.
💯 This is a fun personal checkup! I'm considering putting together a simple calculator/quiz ... #idea for
How To Eat, Drink And Smoke Like Winston Churchill
No rationing required.
🇬🇧 Following my recent trip to London, I had some friendly chats about Churchill's lifestyle choices. Here's a fun read if you want to lower your number on before mentioned 100 longevity ideas ... ☠️
😎 Louis CK puts things into perspective in his own trademark way.

See you next week.
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.
Peter K.

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