BlackBird's Bullets #6

Be productive, lead, grow, manage money, stay creative.

BlackBird's Bullets #6

Be productive. Lead. Grow. Manage your finances & stay creative.

There’s a big debate among the newsletter writers, whether you should include the edition number in the title or not. I’m in the Yes camp because it reminds me of how many weeks I’ve held my commitment. It also reminds me of how long we’ve been in lockdown and that we’ve been in 2020 for at least two years now.

We’ve got two more weeks left in December, and then we’ll … stay home.

As the year unfolds, this is a great time to review how it went. What was good and what we’d like to change in 2021. I’m hoping that the vaccine will bring some newfound optimism and positivity. Over the coming weeks, you'll stumble upon 2021-predictions-for-whatever-industry-you're-in. How about writing your own predictions? What would you like to make of your-2021-self?

I’m still finding ways to profile BlackBird’s Bullets, trying to answer the question: What is this about? And —  Who’s it for? The five bullet points should help you be more productive, give you ideas to lead better, grow, provide some hints on money management, and inspire you to be creative.

Here’s this week’s attempt.

  • 🎥 My 10 rules for surviving (Zoom) video calls is the next article in my WFH Series. Let me know what you think & expect more in the coming weeks.
  • 👨🏻‍💼 I’ve written in my book that my father was a blue-collar worker. I resolved to become a white-collar (information) worker, and now we have gold-collar (knowledge) workers. How about the Connected Worker —  integrated into the environment, connected to others, empowered with real-time information, and supported by working systems? As the definition of work evolves, so does the workplace and we as workers. I love being part of the change.
  • 📻 Kevin Kelly is one of the best thinkers in the world. Listen to David Perell’s podcast with KK, or start by evaluating if you want to invest your attention by skimming through the notes.
  • 🧱 Roblox is the game/platform where my son spends most of his digital playtime. It’s going public and could be an excellent investment. See Prof G’s #nomercynomalice take on it. I love his no-BS writing packed with fun and wisdom. Scott offers a good overview of the recent IPOs of DoorDash and Airbnb too.
    He mentions AT&T —  and $T is my longest-held most boring stock. But I love its nearly 7% dividend yield—slow and steady drip. Better than owning a rental property.
  • 🖇 Here’s another way to think about LinkedIn. From someone who hates it. I can relate to some of her thinking, and I don’t like having to optimize my posts for the algorithm if I want to reach my audience. It’s why I’m building my platform —  and you should too. Go find your domain and register it now—best $12-ish you’ll ever spend.

That’s it for this week’s BlackBird’s Bullets. I hope you enjoyed it —  if you're reading it in your inbox, hit reply and let me know. Reading on the website? –I'd love to hear your feedback via direct messages on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn!

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Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish.
Peter K.

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