#24: Bob Dylan; ideas4growth; Clubhouse; Hemingway; and McKinsey.

#24: Bob Dylan; ideas4growth; Clubhouse; Hemingway; and McKinsey.

I had a super-creative weekend, and so I scheduled more book impressions that will get published over the coming weeks, amongst them: The Quest of the Simple Life, Steal Like an Artist, The Stranger in the Woods, and I'm currently finishing Man's Search for Meaning. There's still a whole backlog of books I read over the last decade, so plenty of writing material. It's interesting to revisit the books we read years ago and seeing them with different (older) eyes.

I read some of those as a curious reader; nowadays, I approach them as a writer. With more empathy to the authors.

Title photo: Austrian Airlines's wingtip. From having this view once a week to once a year. I need to get airborne again.

  • πŸ”Ž Another book impression: Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan. I keep rediscovering Bob Dylan's music and other arts. I haven't read his Nobel Lecture yet, and that's on purpose because I want to read the paperback. On my Amazon wishlist.
  • πŸ’‘ Trying out something new: https://ideas4growth.com/ β€”It's probably my longest-owned domain (out of about 15-ish I registered so far). I had to put it to some use. I've picked Tumblr as a platform, as it allows micro-blogging, which means I can capture thoughts and ideas in the iOS app, then add them to the queue for auto-posting. Less hassle than a full-blown site, at least while I'm not sure how committed I am. But yes, I'm secretly hoping to post every day. Follow on Tumblr or Twitter (cross-posting magic).
  • πŸŽ™ More Seth, but on audio: talking about Clubhouse. We all received plenty of invites in the last couple of months. I haven't signed up. One more social media platform is the last thing I need right now. I'm trying to run in the other direction by cutting the Facebook consumption by at least 95% (automated cross-posting only). My iOS Screen Time limit for all Social Media is 15 minutes per day (more than enough). Creation > Consumption.
  • 🍹In another era, I'd probably look up more to Ernest Hemingway than Seth Godin, but he's a different kind of artist. Β I still can't decide whether Hemingway was a great writer or just a drunk prankster or both. Last year I visited his favorite bars in Havana. I'd much rather see his writing space than the place where he was getting hammered.
  • πŸ’» I'm so grateful to work for a company where leadership decided to communicate the future of work proactively. If your employer isn't talking about it, start the conversation by sharing this McKinsey article.
    In the remote-first work culture, the companies and the workers have more choices. Of course, this is an advantage for digital natives, and digital nomadism is snowballing. Here in the EU, the governments are super stiff, especially around tax treatment.
    And the more we digitize, become location-flexible, get remote, create in the cloud, the more we'll ask ourselves β€” what is the role of government in this new world? Is it to chase people for their tax money or to compete for the creators?

See you next week.
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