#21: Finding Enough; The War of Art; transparent salaries; digital minimalism, and new bodies.

Finding Enough: How far are y'all going?; The War of Art; transparent salaries; digital minimalism, and detaching bodies.

#21: Finding Enough; The War of Art; transparent salaries; digital minimalism, and new bodies.

Following Twitter's acquisition of the Dutch curated newsletter startup Revue, I planned to move over there. However, the fantastic Ghost CMS I'm using just released their 4.0 version, and I realized it's better to keep things on my platform. Having the newsletter in the same place as the homepage is better for SEO.
At the moment, I'm generating around a thousand visits per month. That doesn't mean much, as I'm not monetizing the site, but it's a number, and I like to measure things. 📏

This edition brings two bullet points of my content and three exciting finds from around the web.

Title photo: Mostar; Bosnia and Herzegovina. Shot in May 2013 during the trip with the people I love and miss dearly. Neretva radiates special energy. And this bridge, the scars, the worlds divided.

  • 🎼 How far are y'all going? — publishing a series of excerpts from The Elements of Lifestyle, my first book. Some of you have read it; some still hesitate, some don't know about it.
    If you read it, these posts will recall some parts and provide additional backstories.
    If you're hesitant, I'm hoping to push you to pull the trigger and get a kindle or the paperback version. And the hardcover will be available soon as well! Stay tuned.
  • ‍🎨 The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I read a lot, and this digital sandbox is the perfect platform to share book impressions without any spoilers. I'll typically share an export of my kindle highlights or type out the actual marker-made highlights from the real books.
  • 💶 Transparent salaries are a thing again. My parents used to work in a socialist factory, where all the salaries were publicly taped to a giant board. Blue-collar workers would read them during the smoking breaks dreaming up all the things they could do with the General Manager's salary.
    Well, Buffer, producer of social media scheduler which helps automate my social media posts, also implemented transparent salaries.  
  • 📀 Digital minimalism is the new black. And some people quit social media altogether. I've had all my notifications distractions turned off for at least a year now, and it's helped me stay sane. Confession: I look down at people who have desktop email notifications enabled (why?!), and I promise there's a whole blog post coming up about that.
    How about trying to approach social media in create-only mode and not consume anything?
  • 🐌 This slug can detach its head from the body it hates and generate a new one. Don't we all want that sometimes?

See you next week.
Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish.
Peter K.

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