Blackbird's Bullets #11: 2nd book coming, WFH snitches, and coffee-cup lids

I announced my 2nd book; WFH snitches; Don Miller on The Learning Leader Show; and Wif Hof aka the Iceman.

Blackbird's Bullets #11: 2nd book coming, WFH snitches, and coffee-cup lids

Welcome to the #11. I'm happy to see that more people are signing up for my newsletter, and now I'm moving into the stage where I don't recognize the names of all the newly signed up folks.

At least I see that I'm sending this out to people in twenty different countries across Europe and the United States. I hope you enjoy getting these short Wednesday snippets —  keep sending me feedback, I reply to everyone.

This week's collection of interesting stuff to read, listen to, and watch:

  • 📗 On Sunday, I pre-announced my 2nd book with a working title Challenge Accepted. From impostor to leader: becoming the boss you'd like to work for.

    I've outlined 25 chapters so far; it’s going to be an easily digestible read with quick tips in chapters that will be shorter than 1500 words —  that's five minutes of reading or about three times the size of this very newsletter.

    I'll be launching Amazon Kindle pre-orders before the end of January, targeting the publish date in November.
    I'm considering writing most of the chapters in public —  sharing them on this site as I go, and I'm happy to take any questions/topics/challenges that you'd like me to address. Submit them here .
  • 🕵🏻‍♀️ WFH has changed many things, but the American companies with shady business practices have one more worry on their minds as the whistle-blowing soars. US SEC received 31% more tips on wrongdoing compared to a year before. It's not only that workers at questionable companies felt less loyal, but SEC has also paid out hefty snitching awards: one singing bird collected a hefty $114 million in October!
  • 🎙 Don Miller is an American author I found out about on The Learning Leader Show. His latest book, Business Made Simple, is on my Kindle reading list. I loved some of the sales and leadership wisdom Don dispensed in this one-hour podcast. My favorite part:
“There is one thing every successful person has in common: They have a bias towards action.” They don’t let ideas die on the vine. They take action to make those ideas happen. While others may have terrific ideas or be able to see an important issue from many angles, action-oriented people are good at getting things done.” They see themselves as a hero, not a victim. Ask, “How often do you position yourself as a victim?” How often do you talk about yourself as though you are not in control of your life? Do you believe other people are responsible for your failures?
  • 🧊 Wim Hof, aka the Iceman, is a remarkable human being. Dutch native, he claims to have uncovered the secrets to our health.
    Ice baths and cold exposure are not so new in the world of sports, and I once spent a couple of minutes in a special cryotherapy chamber at -185°C. The regenerative feeling is fantastic, and I'm a big fan of cold showers ever since.
  • ☕️ From cold exposure to my favorite beverage —  coffee. AJ Jacobs is known as the guy participating in weird experiments —  he once spent a year living literally by the Bible.  Here's an interesting TED video where AJ talks about the evolution of the coffee cup lid.

See you next week. Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish.
Peter K.

🇺🇸 P.S.: my Goodreads giveaway promotion for the US customers is still running. Enter for a chance to win one of the 100 copies of The Elements of Lifestyle.

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